Le Cochon//Momofuku Ssam Bar Sunday pig-in

Eight gastronauts.

Sunday at 12pm.

Momofuku Ssam Bar “bo ssam” lunch.

Heaven is a place on Earth…

Bibb Lettuce + 4 sauces. Red chili + soybean paste, ginger + scallion, kimchee, pureed kimchee
Bibb lettuce + ginger/scallion sauce
PORK BUTT. Pinch it.

I’ve been to David Chang’s Ssam Bar a number of times but never for the Bo Ssam. Not until a friend finally held the reins and made a reservation for a long Sunday lunch.

Not much to be said here and that the beauty of it! Wrap tender pork butt in lettuce with white rice, add one of the four sauces and maybe an oyster. Simple and incredibly flavorful. Spicy, salty, tender and crunchy. The genius part is that you get to eat with your hands and doesn’t everything taste better when its utensil free? Ya.

You don’t need to order starters but being eight little pigs, we had to. It would be off brand if we didn’t. Start with the Steamed Pork Buns, Bread & Butter (that butter would be lardo) and the Buttermilk Biscuit which is a glorifed bacon, egg and cheese sandwich –  David Chang doing what he does best – glorifing the ordinary. No underlying pun intended. Sorta.

The Avery “White Rascal” White Ale is tops with all this pork fat.Washs down cold and clean.

I’m still thinking about the pork. Is that sad or what?

from the website:

q: what does the bo ssäm include?
a: the bo ssäm (which is korean for enclosed or wrapped) includes a whole slow cooked pork shoulder, a dozen oysters, white rice, bibb lettuce, ssäm jiang (korean bbq sauce), kimchi and ginger scallion sauce. the dish is essentially pork and condiments wrapped in lettuce.

q: how much is it?
a: $200 for your entire party. not including other food and drinks ordered or tax and tip.

q: what are the available time slots?
a: we offer the bo ssäm at dinner and lunch. for dinner, sunday to thursday, 5, 6, 6:30pm. friday and saturday, 5:00, 5:15, 5:45pm and 11, 11:30pm. the lunch bo ssäm is offered everyday at 12, 12:30, 1pm.

Momofuku Ssam Bar
207 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10003
(212) 254-3500