i’m really into cookies right now. you can do so much with them. decorate them, shape them, throw in nuts, choco or whateves. i think cookies are the new cupcakes. magnolia betta be on guard ’cause cookies are gonna take ovah bitches. check out the sneaker cookies and nintendo cookies below…see what i mean? i also think Murakami and i should collaborate on a dope cookie project. i’ll make them and he can design some crazy, trippy, colorful decor for the cookies. why not…he did LV and that was successful…he needs to get on the food train. imagine? no one would eat them ’cause they’d look so hot.

The ProHo pub krawl

last night i had my first pub krawl…we hit up my ‘hood of prospect heights (or ProHo as i like to call it). we started imbibing deelish cocktails at Weather-Up then moved to Barrette and finally ended up at Soda (somehow). all these dope bars are on Vanderbilt Ave which is turning into hot strip of dopeness: kyoot stores and restos and…bars! i have to give a huge shout out to the dark and stormy (served by a smokin’ ‘tender at Weather-Up) which is my fave cocktail. for you hunnies who aren’t put on to the d and s, it’s ginger beer with rum which equals a tart, gingery, refreshing beverage. i love weather-up, see pic. love those subway tiles. it’s a puuurfect date place (men, take note..tho i believe taking ladies out to din is totally overrated, buy me a pair of Loubie’s instead). Barrette was fun too – they have a ridic cocktail list, i don’t even know what acid trip the mixologist was on when they came up with some of that shizz. the cocktail list is divided into two very appropriate categories…”classy” and “trashy”. i wish there was a third option…”klassy” ’cause i’d order from that. the night ended at Soda which seriously has the puurfect bar menu. no joke lovelies. they rock the best bar menu i’ve seen. comes in handy when you’ve been quaffing for 5 hours. we got the fries which were krispy and salty and the pizza which was ridic. the burgers there are a hot mess and maybe my fave classic burger in Crooklyn. much love to all those that came and much thanks to each bar that outfitted us with dope tables (too bad we missed the burlesque show – sorry Pe). coming soon: the smith street pub krawl. or maybe red hook. or maybe brighton beach (wodka anyone?)

dark & stormy @ weather-up

a dark and stormy @ Weather-Up

aDRENaline at Barrette

the beautiful jessica drennan @ Barrette