Stylecons//i not-so-secretly want to look like you

Vampy 'n trampy
Elvis coiff, leathah and to-die-for eye makeup? Yes we can.
At this point. You probably know my Carine Roitfeld obsession. She kills it bebe. Love the black on black on black with hair-in-face.
Sexy 80's rocker Joan Jett? ME-OW OW OW. I wish I could rock a mullet. 2 belts on leather pants? Mama, u rock.
Blood red nails + blood red lips. Vampire chic. Ed Cullen come get me...
Dark, mysterious and sexy. Lace & Legs. Told you I love Carine. She is Paris bebe. Paris...


Stylecon 1: Carine Roitfeld

French Vogue is better

Stylecon 2: Ines De La Fressange.

Articles of interest//weekending Dec 21

Fauchon: killer design

Yawn. It’s hard to avoid the top ten lists that get shoved in our face at the end of every year. OH WELL. Allons-y:

In a cheese-serving-rut? Try some different ways of serving your cheez plate.

As the year draws to a close, what can we expect but more top ten lists. This one, on cookbooks, is a bit quirkier. [SE]

Q&A on mamma’s fave beverage, Champage [WSJ]

Not really an article but WHOO effin’ HOOO [NYM]

HuffPo talks about women in food today. Finally. Grrl Power [HuffPo]

Breathable wine glass. Kinda, sorta..genius?

The Food Channel explores the top ten food trends for 2010. I think this is one of the better and more thoughtful “top ten” lists out there.  [The Food Channel]

On reading//articles of interest for the weekending 12/4

Thank you London.

Two ex-Saveur Magazine employees start Canal House Cooking. A (daunting) print venture in these internet times. Show your support for paper by subscribing. [NYT]

Nation’s Restaurant News just came out with its survey of food trends for 2010. I’m, not sure whether to laugh or cry that “nutritionally balanced children’s dishes” are a trend for next year. [NRN]

NY Mag pushes its holiday gift guide for foodies. Someone buy me the Spanish pantry!!!! Don’t buy me the Dean & Deluca tea sampler tho, it’s strictly Mariage Freres or Hediard for me bitch. [NYM]

The Huffinton Post on “French Cuisine Today”. really good article featuring my favorite French foodie, Alexandre Cammas, founder of Le Fooding. On a side note, why are these guys (the French foodies) obsessed with David Chang? I love Momofuku as much as the other guys but come on…I can think of at least 10 other American chefs to be obsessed with. Let’s get over it and move on. [HuffPo]

This is cute: What’s inside Ruth Reichl’s fridge. [Salon]

NPR’s top ten cookbooks of 2009. [NPR]

I’m sweating HuffPo: The priciest foods ever and why. [HuffPo]

Cheerio//Scence from London’s Borough Market

[cough, British accent please]

Whilst I lay visiting my young sister in London, we happened upon a truly fantastic and colorful market: Borough Market located on the south end of London Bridge.

Meat pieslease hover over the Pork & Stilton Pie and bask in its British glory.
Olives. All kinds. One could make a meal of this. My fave was olives/ Harissa. Spicy.
Olives in wood barrels with large wood ladels. Beautiful.
Black and white truffles want you to smell them. I prefer white.
Truffles + anything you can dream of = dreams do come true.
Truffle honey.
Best store sign ever. Read it.
Condiments for fish 'n chips. Stay safe.

On reading//articles of interest for the weekending November 22

Art Nouveau exhibit @ Musee d'Orsay

Hiya. I used to post links to articles of gastronomic and culinary interest but then I stopped for a reason unknown to me (butter and cream clouded my capacity to read perhaps).


A loving tribute to Gourmet’s Thanksgiving issue(s). [Oregon Live]

Exploring Paris & her culinary delights via a 19th centuray guide. [NYT]

Animal, Vegetable, Miserable – a great Op-Ed piece. [NYT]

10 foods that flopped. [Mental Floss]

Sad. Don’t eat Bluefin tuna. [NYT]

An oldie but a goodie: why one chef vanished after cooking for the greatest chefs in the world. Plus an amazing menu. [Chicago Tribune]

Reviews of New Food. [McSweeny’s]

GG, out.