9 thoughts on “About”

  1. I stumbled upon your blog after reading a comment you posted on 101 cookbooks, which I LOVE.

    Now I love you too! Not to gush, but you are brilliant and hilarious!! Lovin’ it.

  2. Sounds like my kind of life. Except I prefer wearing pretty socks with ugly cupcakes…I find they’re the best kind…

  3. sounds like we have a lot in common. i’m going to be waiting for all your posts about LCB, so I can live vicariuosly through them…:-)

  4. Dear ….
    I am a chef from TURKEY
    I know a friend with benefits.And I am not a LADY…:))Neslihan)
    I hope this is not problem..:))
    if you want to learn more plase
    can go back me…))
    And your side absolutely beautiful

  5. found your site through twitter. love your stories. if i had to do it again i would totally do paris and le cordon bleu. instead i chose the cheaper route through the fci in nyc. find me on yelp ‘numily’ or twitter ‘victoriacen’

  6. First off – this blog rocks. I mean, there’s a lot of blogs out there, and when i say “rocks”, i’m talking like “Plymouth”.

    Secondly – Not only is the author of this blog slamin’ hot, she’s also really cool. And she knows how to eat and what’s going down in the food scene.

    Lastly – Mashed Potatoes. I went to Paris to see the Gastrogirls and came back with mashed potatoes stuck in my head. I love mashed potatoes and gastrogirls.

  7. Hey! girl..
    I love your blog yang. I’m so proud of you. I know your love for fine food. Mommy knows best!

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