Stylecons//i not-so-secretly want to look like you

Vampy 'n trampy
Elvis coiff, leathah and to-die-for eye makeup? Yes we can.
At this point. You probably know my Carine Roitfeld obsession. She kills it bebe. Love the black on black on black with hair-in-face.
Sexy 80's rocker Joan Jett? ME-OW OW OW. I wish I could rock a mullet. 2 belts on leather pants? Mama, u rock.
Blood red nails + blood red lips. Vampire chic. Ed Cullen come get me...
Dark, mysterious and sexy. Lace & Legs. Told you I love Carine. She is Paris bebe. Paris...


Stylecon 1: Carine Roitfeld

French Vogue is better

Stylecon 2: Ines De La Fressange.

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