Articles of interest//weekending Dec 21

Fauchon: killer design

Yawn. It’s hard to avoid the top ten lists that get shoved in our face at the end of every year. OH WELL. Allons-y:

In a cheese-serving-rut? Try some different ways of serving your cheez plate.

As the year draws to a close, what can we expect but more top ten lists. This one, on cookbooks, is a bit quirkier. [SE]

Q&A on mamma’s fave beverage, Champage [WSJ]

Not really an article but WHOO effin’ HOOO [NYM]

HuffPo talks about women in food today. Finally. Grrl Power [HuffPo]

Breathable wine glass. Kinda, sorta..genius?

The Food Channel explores the top ten food trends for 2010. I think this is one of the better and more thoughtful “top ten” lists out there.  [The Food Channel]

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