Mucho Gusto//Gusto

I often find myself in the same place over and over again. No particular needs ever draws me there, I don’t know anyone there and I can hardly tell you the address. But, somehow, I land there safely ever time.

In the heart of Paris there lies a rather large culinary shopping district in the the heart of this area lies a very special place, Librarie Gourmande. I have traveled a good part of the world and have yet to come across a bird are special and as rare as this bookshop. Librarie Gourmande carries books in every language (though most are in French)  from almost every part of the world ranging from traditional French cuisine and pastry to food sociology and literature. You can even buy food calendar’s, magazines and gourmet books for kids. I’ve seen baguette pens and magnets, aprons and muffin tins. Everything a gastronomical me needs. A gem indeed.

My new favorite food journal

I also found my new favorite source of gastronomic literature at Librarie Gourmande – Gusto. I bought this back issue about women in the kitchen/at the table for 10 euro. It’s published in French with an English translation a cote. I’m not sure if they are publishing anymore as the last issue I found was from 2008. Sadness ensues…

A bit about Gusto:

“Initiated by IEHCA, The European Institute of the History of Food Culture, gusto reports on the annual round table discussions held in Tours which bring together the leading players in the field of cuisine, not just those that create it but those that reflect upon it. Within this framework, the magazine plays an active role in the French procedure to request that French cuisine be recognized by UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage.”

Librarie Gourmade
90, Rue Montmartre
75002 Paris
Metro: Bourse

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