I’m a huge fan and always admired your work//Podcast topsies

put ur hands up in the ayyyyer...
put ur hands up in the ayyyyer...

Good morning my loves. I’m feeling amazing this AM due to a great charcuterie plate  I had last night (Normandy meats). As I sit here listening to some of my fave podcasts, I thought to myself, why be selfish? Lemme share my favorites with you all beloved loves.

Now, I’ve been listening to food podcasts for years now and let’s not mince words – there is a ton of crap out there. Hopefully this list will hep wade through the shyte:

1. A Splendid Table: This James Beard Award winning show is my favorite. At 60 minutes in length, our warm host Lynn Rossetto Kasper takes us through reviews of restaurants, interviews with food specialists, talks on specific ingredients then takes phone calls from her loving audience on food “problems”. She is our answer to Oprah. A good thing to listen to while doing some Saturday morning housework. God, I sound like a Stepford Wife (goal: achieved).

2. NPR’s Food: This weekly, 20 minute poddy gives us top-line food news and mini interviews on current food topics/trends. Great to kick off the week with some bits of food news.

3. Food Science: The uber hot-for-teacher, Dr. Kiki, explains to us how cusisine chemistry like leavening, fermentation and hot & spicy works. I’ve learned a lot about food chemisrty from her. Excellent for the gastronomy student who knows knowledge is power…

4. Obssesives on Chow: LURVE these video poddy’s. Really insightful, interesting, and well-shot segments on people who specialize in (read: obsessed with) a specific food related subject. For example we’ve seen episodes on pickling, tea, coffee, wine making and bread. Amaze!

5. KCRW’s Good Food: Hollering straight out of L.A., Good Food is the West Coast’s version of A Splendid Table (which tapes from the Mid-West). Our fearless host, Evan Kleinman, heps us discover the politics of food, farmers markets, restaurants and personalities in the food worlds. Evan’s hippie, earth-mother voice is quite soothing and makes me want to live in Cali.

6. The Culinary Institute of America: Really love this high quality, well-produced podcast. CIA introduces a classroom style podcast of CIA chefs cooking and explaining each recipe and ingredient. Stop watching The Food Pukework, and download these podcasts. Not only more informative but less annoying as well.

All these podcasts are available free from our dealer, iTunes.

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