tres bien reads//what i read when i’m not doing other things

Run for the Cote d'Azur!
Run for the Cote d'Azur!

Tres bien kids. It’s August in Paris and that means no one is here. The city empties out faster than a whore in church. It’s quiet and I’m not down.Call me a neurotic New Yorker ‘k? Anytoodles, I’ve used my non-schooling time to plan weekend trips and read a bit. Here are some good reads from this week:

Why iced coffee is so expensive. I still love it anyway. (NY Press)

Why food writers are bitter about Julie & Julia (it’s always something, isn’t it). (NYT)

The life of a competitive eater. I’m jeally! (NYT)

The challenges of food styling, a story of Julie & Julia. (NYT)

Modern day cookery, why we love to watch cooking shows and why we miss Julia Child. An extremely interesting and thought provoking article on where current trends of home cooking are leading to. (Our Lord Micheal Ruhlman)

Fashion and Lollipop sticks with amazing photography. My new fave bloggy.

Filed under: totally ridiculous food photo.

Great videos from the Taste 3 conference (esp. Dan Barber)

Be Inspired. Ellen Silverman‘s gorgeous, light, airy, ethereal food photography. Angelic non?

I’ll be back weekly with your bestest foodie reads. xxx

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