NYC Prep//filed under things I find annoying

They wish.
They wish.

Anyone out there watching the train wreck that is NYC Prep? Hate to admit that I watch garbage in Paris but as a fellow NYC prepper, I am obliged to watch non? Do note that I only watch garbage whilst coming up from the Goddard, Truffaut and Varda air that I breathe. ‘K?

Some questions…

1. PC is the funny gay guy non?

2. Since when is Dwight considered a top school? Don’t get me started on what DWIGHT stands for…

3. Does Jessie have a lazy eye or is it me?

4. Finally, has anyone ever heard of or been to ANY of the resto’s these kids dine at? Back in my day, when we went out to eat with a camera crew following us we made sure to chose a hotspot…haaaa.


PS: Fellow UES prepper live tweets each show…just plain funny.

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