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I am sure by this point you have all heard of Gwennie Paltrow’s efforts on turning herself into the next mayjah brand. GOOP brings you all sorts of unsolicited advice on the best hotels in XX city, how to cook XX dish and where to shop, what to buy and all the other who, what, where, when’s of life. I, being a fellow Spencie and UES’er (re: one might imply an instant GP fan), could not find this more annoying and trite. GP gives us nothing but recycled info (oh, go stay at The Ritz in Paris? oh em gee fo realz? Never heard!) AND to top it off she’s started cooking, as in, in front of a camera. Hail Mary full of grace the lord is with thee…

I am hove mayjah issues with her cooking tho it’s probably best i don’t delve into them here as I suppose (and hate to admit) her recipes and technique is fine for home cooks. Nothing to write home about and if it gets people cooking, so be it.

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