Fwiends forever.

Me 'n Paris.
Me 'n Paris.

Can we talk about how awesome and amazing it is to shop for groceries in Paris? It’s a never ending labyrinth of outdoor markets, grocery stores that put anything in the US to shame (holler at me Monoprix), pastisseries, boulangeries, boucheries, frommageries and fruit stands. Phew. I can barely walk the 25 minutes home from school without buying something…anything. Chocolate, mayonnaise, cheese. Maybe this is why you’re fat?

I joke.

Besties 4 ever?

Here is a short list of some of my besties (note: most are in the 6th arrondissement as that’s where I live):

Le Grand Epicerie – This place is huge and quite literally has everything. It’s expensive but worth it. They even have regional sections so if you happen to crave that Fluff from the US (what?), they got it.

Fromagerie 31 – A small and friendly cheese shoppe that even has a few seats for patrons who want to do a cheese tasting. Great selection and they also have a nice selection of yogurts (loves).

Da Rosa – Next door to Frommagerie 31 is this lil’ gem. You can sit and eat small plates consiting of cheeses and meats or pop inside and browse through the small but well edited selection of specialty good ranging from olive oils and jams to Iberico Jamon, which is proudly displayed in the store window. Ain’t nothing like seeing that black trotter and knowing you’re in for Iberico.

Boulevard Raspail Market: This outdoor market is literally right around the corner from me (me = one lucky charm). On Tuesday’s and Friday’s it functions as any other outdoor market in Paris however I am partial to this one as it’s large and has a wide array of cheese products. I am totally in love with the tapenade man and go here every week just for his fabbie creations. NOW…on Sunday’s (drum roll please) this market turns into a bio (organic) market filled with amazing savory pies, roasted chicken, produce, cheeses and all sorts of dairy.

Eric Kayser: My new boyfriend! Some of the most delicious baguettes and tartes au citron come from Mr. Kayser. The sandwiches are quite tastey and proper as well. He has several locations in Paris so thanks be to god that I am never far from one.

Gerard Mulot: Walking into this place is like walking into Disneyland for pastry lovers. His famed tarts are nothig to shy away from, it’s the little pleasures in life isn’t it kids? I also love the watermelon colored boxes the staff packs your treats into. Enchanted, I am.

Pierre Herme: Hands down. The best macaron in Paris.He’s got seasonal flavors to boot.

Poilane: There’s something about this bread…every Parisian knows it’s arguably one of the best places to come for your breading needs. I especially like their whole wheat offerings. Plus their famed chausson aux pommes makes a great dessert.

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One thought on “Fwiends forever.”

  1. wish i had known about your site before i went to paris last month. i’ve only been to pierre herme on your list above. it is by far the best i’ve ever had. and i’ve had them all in nyc.

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