In honor of the dearly departed


This evening, I bring you a special post dedicated to one of my besties, food-in-crime-ing, bike-riding, 9-to-5 hating, photo loving, fame-whore-ing, all around funny man, Emiliano.

Since Emi got smart and departed the shores of Manhattan for the bright lights of Brooklyn, it was only fitting that I send him off with a list of top ten Williamsburg restaurants/dining options:

1. La Superior: The Mexican-est, most fresh, flavorful tacos this side of Cali. Don’t miss their nightly specials cuz they are…special

2. Motorino Pizza: Pizza ‘n things from a wood-burning brick oven. I had one of my last meals here before leaving for Paris. ’nuff said.

3. Fette Sau: It’s meat by the pound at this BBQ joint. Beats out most of Manhattan’s options except for Dinosaur BBQ (one love).

4. Egg: Open early for those who need one of the best, local and organic breakfasts in Brooklyn.  They have their own farm where most of their products are sourced. They rule Brooklyn brunch but there is always, always a line.

5. Roberta’s: More in the Bushwick area, this warm, dark and cozy wood burning brick oven pizza resto is best during the cold months of winter. Don’t miss the Specken Wolf pizza. Oh, and the meat plate obvs.

6. Marlow & Sons: Meats, cheeses, oysters and a good wine list. Great atmosphere and if you haven’t heard of this place yet, you clearly can’t read. Clearly.

7. Diner: The Marlow and Son’s team also have Diner. Featuring a seasonal menu, these guys also publish one of my favorite food magazines called, Diner Journal.

8. Dressler: To be fair, I have not taken a meal here, yet. I have however, known many who have and from the looks of the menu (and reviews), you best not miss this fine-dining-in-Brooklyn option.

9. Papacito’s: Ok, fine. It’s in Greenpoint. But it’s Mexican (surely you know my love of Mexican food by now) so just go ‘k?

10. Fatty ‘Cue: I give this an honorable mention as, again, I have not been here yet as it wasn’t open before I left for the Left Bank of Paris and is slated to open in August. BUT, it’s Zakary Pelaccio of Fatty Crab fame (big love to the Malaysian food!). How can he go wrong with BBQ? Try it and tell me…

Other notables:

Coffee from Gimmie! Coffee

Bagels from The Bagel Store

One of the many taco trucks in Willy Bee

Have fun exploring. Send me a taco…

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2 thoughts on “In honor of the dearly departed”

  1. thank you! you’ve single-handedly changed my life. we went to La Superior tonight and truly had a revelatory moment. wow.

    i would add two places to this list. dumont burger (yum) and el beit coffee. and i’ve been loving papa lima’s sandwich delivery options.

    also, are all the delivery people in williamsburg tattooed, track bike riding messengers during the day? it’s funny how the delivery people in manhattan are mostly asian and hispanic immigrants, but everyone here is young and tattooed. interesting. . .

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