Alright kids…

While neglecting you, I drink Campari.
While neglecting you, I drink Campari.

After spending the last month and a half not writing and convincing myself I had “writers block” (we all know it’s BS), I have to confess that was just an excuse. I have been busy and taken well (almost too well) to the savoir vivre of Parisian life. Somewhere in here I have to find my neurotic/ambitious/gimmie a coffee/waddaya want New Yorker. Ok found her!

Here we go again:

The end of May/beginning of Jun brought me to the end of Basic Cusine. It was strangely tres dificile to say goodbye to the entry program and to some of my friends who only enrolled in Basic before retuning to their normal lives.

Our final exam consisted of a written part (easy) then we had to study ten dishes that we made over the course of the program (the list was given to us) and the chefs would choose two of the ten dishes for the exam. Before we entered the kitchen we’d pull one of two colored chips and cook the dish that coordinated with the color. Ya dig? Luckily, after me and my friends purchased truckloads of groceries   for days, a little bird told us what two dishes were chosen. I, luckily, got the duck. The other dish was a hot fish terrine. Can I get a hell no from the crowd?

Our graduation ceremony was held in the Winter Garden and it was cute until I went to the mayjah graduation for those finished with the program. Whoa der. It was super boring but held in a beautiful space and the energy was amazing. I recommend LCB get a relevant chef or food-minded person as the commencement speaker. I don’t think it would be that hard ‘k?

So my final thoughts on Basic:

  1. I can brunoise like a pro
  2. Knife skillz = check
  3. Jus making, sauce making = in my sleep
  4. Breaking down a duck, chicken, rabbit and fish = childs play
  5. I can do anything, ANYTHING with a potato

I will miss my class. I will miss those who left but Intermediate is way more fun…stay tuned beetches.


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One thought on “Alright kids…”

  1. I love reading your input. I write about food now and will hopefully be able to write a food column once I start at Brown this fall. People always ask me what I’ll do after I major in something really useless and idealistic at the undergraduate level; they expect grad school, but I tell them Le Cordon Bleu, where I’ll learn life’s REALLY important skills. I can’t wait to be in your shoes in a few years! Keep writing!

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