Eat. Drink. Man. Woman//Week 5 at Le Cordon Bleu


I confess.

I’ve been busying myself with things other than updating you on LCB. Oh but there is so much wine to drink, cocktails bars to try and dinner parties to be thrown when you are surrounded by the young and beautiful boys and gals of Le Cordon Bleu. Did you just want to slap me sweetie? I digress…

Week 5 (which happened 3 weeks ago) brought us the following learnings and teachings:

1. How to decapitate (the French did invent the guillotine after all) and break down a wittle bunny wabbit and cook it with a tart mustard sauce. Saucing is key to the education of French cuisine.

2. How to poach fish and make a hollandaise sauce. As you may or may not know, hollandaise requires a lot of whisking. I nearly pulled a muscle but the lovely sounds of our class emulsifying clarified butter into egg yolks kept me going. Samba baby.

3. How to fillet a fish (again) and braise said fish. Love filleting a fish, not too happy about gutting it and ripping out the gills but c’est la vie baybee.

This week, we also had our second “Conference”. In addition to our Demo’s and Practicals, we have two conferences where Chef Bruno Stril, who heads up Basic Cuisine (a.k.a. Kindergarten), talks to us and uses the time as a forum to chat with us. Conference 2 brought on an “open-mic” night where we shared some feedback on the course and thoughts on cuisine. One appealing and controversial topic came from lord knows who, who asked “Why aren’t there more women in the kitchen”. Ouch. Needless to say dear Ben our translator had quite a time playing comparative languages when our very French Chef Stril went on and on about how working in the kitchen is tough and hard and suggested that maybe it wasn’t a job for women. Um, yea. Try translating that for a room of 21 women and 9 men. You can imagine how that went.

All the more reason to kick ass sweeties.

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