In addition to your very fashionable chefs whites…//things you need to bring

Chef Lesourd//Demo class

Cherrio lasses!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions on whether or not Le Cordon Bleu supplies you with everything you need to ensure a successful tenure as a student. Answers…

– Kitchen shoes: I found it strange that they didn’t come with the uniform so we all had to hike to the kitchen supply store for super cute white clogs (note the sarcasm). They are comfy tho…

– Hair ties: I think LCB should add this to the uniform, little blue and white ones to go with everything else they brand with the letters LCB. 

– Wife beaters: It gets hot and sweaty in the kitchen and you’ll want to wear something light under your chefs jacket. 

– Ziplocs: Most people use tupperware but I find Ziploc bags to be very efficient for leftovers. Remember each recipe you cook feeds FOUR people = lots of food to feed your 3am cravings. What? Yea. 

– Clear sheet protector and magnet: To hold up and protect your ingredient list + notes during your practical classes. 

– Hand cream: We wash our hands several times during class. Not to mention washing your ingredients and knives. You’ll want to do your best to save those dainty hands and use some hand cream.

Jolly good fun chaps.

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