Sin is in, Sweetie//Week 4//Le Cordon Bleu

Sin is In Sweetie.

Holleration GG lovers. I’m a week behind on my posts and I’m sorry but I’ve been either drinking wine, smoking cigarettes, talking about boys, trying on clothes or eating ‘k? Sometimes I do all five things at once so it can get a bit messy.


Week four brought on some serious dishes and old-skewl French techniques:        

  • Demo 9: Omelettes & Roasting Fowl, Turned Veggies. (Practical 9: Roasted Chicken au jus)
  • Demo 10: Grilling Salmon, Emulsified Sauces, Byron Potatos, Roasted Pork, Profiteroles with Ice Cream. (Practical: Grilled Salmon with Emulsified Butter Sauce)
  • Demo 11: Forcemeats 1- Paupiettes de Veau and Duck Terrine 2 ways. (Practical: Paupiettes de Veau with glazed onions and carrots)
  • Demo 12: Forcemeats 2 – Stuffed Chicken Breasts, Turned Mushrooms and Plating. (Practical: Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Mushroom Sauce)

So far, this was one of the best weeks of class yet. We made great dishes that I will surely make again and really started learning about emulsions, sauces, stuffed meats and (ugh, spare me) turned vegetables. 

Turned vegetables are not my thing nor are they very relevant anymore but again, it’s very traditional and although it’s antiquated, I can say I’m glad I know how to perform this circus trick of cutting down vegetables into 1 inch football shaped pieces. I’ll do it for you at my next NYC dinner soiree. Not. 

We also had our market tour with our beloved Chef Stril, who took us out to the local market, schooled us on various French produce, game and sea creatures then we went back to school and had a picnic with our markets buys (including wine at 10:30am). Now, the big market – Rungis will be visited during Superior Cuisine. Can’t wait. Biggest. Market. In. The. World. 

Now, since our classes are at 8:30, 12:30, 3:30 or 6:30, this can leave ample time for long lunching with friends between classes which we all take advantage of. I highly recommend going to Montmartre after your 830 class for some girl time and lunch then be back at 330 for class. Ahhhh springtime in Paris. Be jealz and stay that way. 


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