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This photo has nothing to do with my post. Chuck Bass is just one sexy b*tch.    

This photo has nothing to do with my post. Chuck Bass is just one sexy b*tch.

UPDATE: Sad face. Bahn Mi officially jumped the shark (in media saturation terms): NYT just came out with this article. I have to say, it’s a good article about my fave sandwich. ilove you Bahn Mi. Don’t change. 

This article is annoying and shallow. Yet another proclimation of a long-loved obsessives ethnic food gone trendy. Why people insist on ruining Bahn Mi for everyone is beyond me. I get that journalists report on trends. I get that they report the news but I have to say, this is annoying. Someone clearly needs a lesson on trends and given my extensive advertising background, I am more than happy to provide a very basic outline for you. 

Anatomy of a food trend 101 babies:

1. The new trend has started as a reaction to what is mainstream

2. Different kinds of trendsetters adopt the trend

3. A high number of trendsetters adopt the trend

4. The trend first emerges in a major city that is know to have many trendsetters

5. The trend quickly spread to other cities that are known to have many trendsetters

6. There is ongoing product and/or design development early in the trend process

7. The products or style can be imitated or copied

8. Many of the trendsetters’ media feature the trend in articles

9. There is a connection between Hollywood movies and the trend.

*courtesy of Henrik Vejlgaard, M.A., M.Sc

Can’t wait for the hipsters to catch on the the bahn mi sandwich! If I need a bahn mi in the hand of some trife loser I’m going to DIE. Did we not learn anything from the early 2000’s cupcake trend? The early 90’s pad thai movement? The mid 90’s asian fusion craze? The more recent $2o burger ridiculousness? 


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2 thoughts on “This is really annoying//Filed under: Things I find annoying”

  1. I totally agree. I have been eating banh mis in NYC for over 10 years being a loyal Saigon Banh Mi customer (yeah dealing with the bus fumes by the Manhattan Bridge by east b’way). This was the last thing that I thought would be corrupted by outsiders and I was happy yet saddened to see the exposure my little place has gotten over the years. Now I find more people ordering sandwiches and its no longer become my secret place.

    Regarding the person who commented on the New York Magazine article about not mentioning Nicky’s:

    Oh please! Give me a break! Whoever posted why Nicky’s is not posted must work there. I went there twice just to make sure the first time I went there that it wasn’ t a fluke that their banh mis were sub par. I was pretty angered that they would provide such quality and believe that people who were not in the know would actually eat their sandwiches. The logic must be that because you are in the east village you can afford to pay out that much money for not so great sandwich.

    Saigon banh mi still the best despite the fact people say that’s overstuffed for western palettes. Well guess what, its the recession yo!

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