I luf eet//Parisian life vol I.


Thumbs up.
Thumbs up.

Ciao babies. 

After a long time spent planning, organizing and scheming to get to Paris, I am here. When we last left off, I had told you about my acceptance in to Le Cordon Bleu and my impending move to the City of Le Fooding (Lights? Le Fooding?, same-same). What I didn’t write about was the many things one has to do to prep for the trip. Nothing crazy, just simple steps to guide you to your dream.

First order of business was the apartment search. LCB doesn’t prepare you much for the stressful apartment search, save for a pamphlet with addressses of various rental websites which came with my acceptance letter and internal rules document. After a month of browsing websites and getting opinions I buckled down and stuck to what we in NYC know best – It’s all about the location. I found my cutie-pie in the 6th arrondissement, near the Luxembourg gardens and steps from Boulevard Saint Germain, home of the best designer shopping in the world. Paris is a very walkable city but I knew I wanted to be in the center (1st – 6th arrondissements).

Second order of business was buying my ticket, packing my bags, packing my apartment, packing my cats and saying bye to my city and my friends…just a minor stress. Minor.

Finally, after paying crazy fees due to both my suitcases being overweight and just making my flight…I am here and I luf eet.

Once in Paris, with all the bags and whatnot, it’s wise to hire a car service to pick you up and help with the bags. I had a wonderful man named Tim who also gave me some sage food advice (“all the food is good”) and the address to an English-language bookstore.

After a 45 minute from from CDG airport, we arrived at my new home. My very French landlady, Irene greeted me and showed me to my 6th floor apartment. It was love. Not only between me and my apartment but between me and Irene. I told her I was going to give her a lot of the food I make in school. Not sure she was very excited about this, but I was…

So now, I was almost settled with a week until class begins. What to do…

Next up: Paris: the first 100 days.

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2 thoughts on “I luf eet//Parisian life vol I.”

  1. Welcome to Paris (from another North-American living in Paris for the time being)!

    I am amazed that you were able to book an apartment that fast and easily (and before actually landing in Paris), because most expats, myself included, find that task very difficult, daunting and frustrating.

    Hope you enjoy the city, it’s quite the experience.

  2. I am so happy for you and the leetle kitties….I want to call and hear EVERYTHING!! but I will be patient and let you settle in…have a glass of Chatneuf du Pape for me!

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