Cake Bitch//Women in the kitchen

Mummy belongs in the kitchen.
Mummy belongs in the kitchen.

Time Out NY has an article on why there aren’t more women gaining fame in the restaurant industry. This horrid article reads like a bad issue of US Weekly. Some speculate that it’s because the restaurant industry is like any other where there are less women at the top, other say that it’s because women are less aggressive about seeking publicity than men (hi, have you MET me?) Here’s an idea: Quit complaining about this sexism nonsense. It’s passe and cliche. The reason that not as many women get recognized is that there aren’t as many women who want to work in a kitchen and the industry is always focused on what’s next, what’s new and what’s hot and more often than not, it’s focused on the antics of kitchen princes like Paul Liebrandt and David Chang (ish). There are a number of talented female chefs out there like April Bloomfield, Anne Burrell and Anita Lo who  are doing great things with the food they prepare minus the controversy and diva-behaviour displayed by many well known male chefs which leads me to wax poetic on the virtues of women and how mature we are.


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4 thoughts on “Cake Bitch//Women in the kitchen”

  1. Your blog is wildly entertaining and brilliantly acerbic. I envy your ability to deliver yummy little snippets… Passionfruit Butter is the name of my blog, and as I am an aspiring food writer, I am rather prolific. In any case, I’m hereby inviting myself under the figurative umbrella of gastro girls.

  2. I have no doubt that you *won’t* be “hiding in plain sight” as that TimOut/UsWeekly article puts it. Mama didn’t raise no fool.

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