Myne own top 10’s of 2008//following then breaking from the pack

Happy New Year. Courtesy of Elisabeth Leonard

Happy New Year. Courtesy of Elisabeth Leonard


I’m sick of all of your top tens. Yes you. You food writers with no personality and bloggers with too much time and magazines and newspapers who think they have the final say. Hmph. Waitaminute.WAITaminute. Fine. Ok. Fine. I’ll just do myne own top tens as you wish and send you off with a merry new year. 2009 is myne ‘kay?

In no particular order whatsoever:

The top 10 dishes in 2008 I’d most likely order two of:

1. Scarpetta: I am going to break from the pack who think that the spaghetti with tomato sauce is the best thing since David Bowie. Scott Connant’s Creamy Polenta with Fricasse of Truffled Mushrooms was the dish I’d definitely go back to Scarpetta for. 

2. Super Taste: The freshest, juiciest pork dumplings at an amazing price. 

3. Dovetail: I ordered half the menu and each dish was fun and inventive and sometimes, sublime but the potato gnocchi with black truffles was so good, we ordered two. The lambs tongue muffalata was a close second. 

4. Saigon Bahn Mi: It won’t get better than a filling, flavorful, unique sandwich for $3.75. Best bahn mi in the city. Hands dizzown. 

5. Elettaria: I get spoiled rotten, just rotten to the core when I go to Elettaria. Fried quail with Frisee, Mango, Bacon, Fried Eg

6. Matsugen: The Matsugen Soba is something I would go back and sit at the bar and order. For lunch, dinner, a snack. What have you. It’s just that well prepared. 

7.Momofuku Ssam Bar: Crispy Pigs Head Torchon. Crispy Pigs Head Torchon. Crispy Pigs Head Torchon. Party animal. 

8. The entire meal at Chennai Garden: This vegetarian curry hill bestie was another amazing meal that didn’t break the bank. A recessionista animal. 

9. Momofuku Milk Bar:  Everything. Is. Good. Everything. Will. Be. O. K. 

10. Morimoto: House Made Yuba with Sea Urchin, Nasturtium, Caviar, and Umami Sauce . Yes beeyotches it’s uni at it’s best. I could prob eat this all day. Fresh and delightful and it won’t leave you rolling over

Top 10 restaurants in 2008:

1. Gottino

2. Dovetail

3. Ssam Bar

4. Matsugen

5. Scarpetta

6. Porchetta

7. La Superior

8. James

9. Momo Milk Bar

10. Boq So

The top 10 cocktail bars in 2008:

1. Clover Club: The punch bowl is fantastic and refreshing in the summer months. It’s also served in small porcelain tea cups. Top that

2. Apotheke: Albert Trummer’s presence is warm and jovial. The cocktails 

*ohhhh, that’s right, there were only 2 good ones mmmmkay?

Top 10 standbys in 2008:

1. Nha Trang for the Pho.

2. Amaranth for the mussels.

3. The Spotted Pig for the burger, fries and beer.

4. Gottino for wine and small plates.

5. Grand Sichuan for pork soup dumplings and spicy chicken.

6. Brooklyn Farm for burgers, an amazing outdoor space and Hitachino White.

7. Al di La for the freshest pasta.

8. Ushiwakamuru for sashimi.

9. New Malaysian Restaurant for laksa (not as good as my mom’s) and mango chicken.

9. Banjara for heart warming Indian.

10. Orsay for all things French. Always and forever.

And that, my loves, concludes my top lists for 2008. May 2009 bring us more exciting food and YSL Tribute pumps…


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