I’ll have the celery//Name dropping on The City


Surely you watched The City Monday night. SURELY you did. The ever lovable and vacant Whitney Port has done it: she left everything she knew behind in Hell-ay and headed for a faux job at DVF in NYC. And like any New Yorker, she takes cabs to work and wears stilletos every day (what? you DON’T?). Most importantly, the gals of the The City dine out in style…final roll call for the restaurants they went to in the one hour, double-epi slam: Nero, Cornelia Street Cafe, Cafe Noir, Thom Bar, Soho Billiards, Extra Virgin, Tenjune, and Philippe. More importantly, I want to know if they eat…and if they do, what did they order? The chicken satay or peking duck at Philippe? And what can possibly be good to eat at Cafe Noir? And when will start showing up at Buddakan, Pastis, or Scarpetta? I mean, they work at DVF which is in the Meatpacking district, it’s only a matter of time before they start dining there too. And I simply can’t wait for the faux party scenes at Plumm or Goldbar or Chloe 81. God I love this show. SAVE me. Actually, don’t.

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