Hi. Je suis Amaranth
Due to a certain Mr. A and his local neighborhood haunts where he pleasantly gets greeted by name, I’ve been to Amaranth quite a few times in the past few months and it’s quickly come to be on my lurve list. 

Located a dangerous block away from Barney’s on 62nd b/t 5th and Madison, Amaranth is a warm, sexy and elegant European deeelight. One of the first notable pluses is that the service is warm, and attentive; not one moment after we sat down did the maitre d’ bring over 2 Bellini’s, who doesn’t love ’em? The French-rendevous-avec-les-Italians menu has something for everyone, including their famed Focaccia Robiola – robiola, tomato and arugula sandwiched between two pieces of focaccia and baked. It totally saved my life. I was starved for cheesy, crispy love. 

Each time I sit down at Amaranth, I insist on ordering the mussels steamed in white wine. The mussels, fresh. The broth,briny, buttery and worth dipping your frites into. My favorite thing to do it let a few toasted slices of french bread sit in the broth to soak up all of its sea brine, white wine, butter and parsley love. It’s a  simple and well-prepared comfort dish and I don’t think twice about ordering it every time. 

The fries are another notable. There is nothing “special” about the fries but that’s the point. There is something familiar about the crispy and slim exterior and the fried, starchy taste and I’m not complaining one bit…

Mr. A always orders a fish and fries combo and never have they ceased to disappoint. Though there are certainly a good number of dishes on the menu that I have not tried, the few that I have were simple European dishes executed with care and fine ingredients (hugs self). 

Cut to the alcohol: The wines are moderately priced at 8-12 a glass. I tried the Oregon Pinot Noir prior to the solid glass of cabernet. Neither was outstanding but both were very drinkable. Annnd. Scene.

What makes Amaranth so special is that hard to find combination of location, atmosphere, yummy bites, attention to detail and really pretty people wearing fur. Seriously. 

Stay sexy. 

Amaranth//21 East 62nd//(212) 980-6700

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