oh i don’t know//mid-week special

blanc de blanc
blanc de blanc

I have been neglecting you.

It’s not my fault.

It’s the holidays/present buying/gift shopping/parties that made me.

I am sorry.

Here’s out review list fot this fine day. A bit slow but we do get the doomed zero-zero from the NYT.

– Bruni visits David Bouley’s Seceeion and, not surprisingly, gives the doomed venture zero stars. In the process he attributes much to “…the menu of an unfocused, distracted mind”.

– Robert Sietsema finds unsuspectingly good Vietnamese in an unsuspecting neighborhood of the Bronx, Jerome Avenue. Now, I have been fully obsessed with Vietnamese food lately so this is quite the breaking news for a pho-lover. Also, also, also! I love that he titled his article Edgar Allan Pho. Teeheehee! It’s wickedly witty.

– New York needs more restaurants like Wilfie & Nell, which was visited by The UG at New York Magazine.  No bells and whistles, no white table cloths and all standard pub fare. Chicken liver pate, Berkshire pork sliders, grilled cheese (Murray’s, of course). In the words of the singular Mary J. Blige, no drama. I’ll be visiting next week…fo sho.

– Gotham Gal unsurprisingly loves The John Dory and reports on her complete meal. Needless to say, this newest from the folks that brought us The Spotted Pig is most certainly on the top of my list. Chef/Owner April Bloomfield can do no wrong with her hearty, heart-felt fare.

– Lastly, I will post a laughable/heartbreaking article in today’s NYT on Rocco DiSpirito who fell from grace as the next-big-chef-thing at Union Pacific to a running joke (Dancing with the Stars anyone? anyone?). A huge part of me feels a touch sorry for him but the bigger part of me is laughing. Eeeeeee. I am mean. I should be thrown to the garden gnomes.

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