Let them eat cake//J’adore Dior

O. Hell-oh. I can’t stop watching this Sofia Coppola-directed advert for Miss Dior Cherie (notice that same soft lighting used and popularized in Lost in Translation? how femme, no?). It makes my eyes pop open and giggle with delight at the thought of running around Paree in pretty dresses eating pastries with my bare hands. All. Day. Long. 

Zee very Fwench Bridget Bardot tune, “Moi Je Joue”  is a cute fit for Miss Cherie. Laaalalala. This makes me want to scream D-I-O-R and then raid my mothers closet. TO DO: find a pretty pink dress, retro-chic bicycle, fabulous apartment in Paris, many pastries and hundredes of balloons so I too can fly through the air without a care in the world less the 3,000 calories I ingested at the local patisserie….Mwwwahahaha.

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