Mid-week review spectacular


Babies! We finally have some movement from the stodgy grounds of mid-week restaurant reviews. Seems like these elders do have some life in them. There is a pulse. We have a heartbeat doctor.

– My lord! Bruni re-reviews Ssam Bar (after only a year but whateves) and drops 3 stars on my latest obsession. Don’t hate players, I was WAY ahead of the game on that one mmmkay? Frankie B “…circled back because eating at Ssam feels so unencumbered, honest and joyful, and because I can’t stop reflecting on the daring and importance of Mr. Chang’s work there.” Ha! He must be going senile, no? We all know D. Chang-ster doesn’t touch the food there. And what is this about the pricing? I, for one have not left there without spending at least $65 per person. I do however have to give much love to the raw passion and guts it took to write that review. Playing it safe will get you nowhere in this life.

Sarah Digregorio at the Voice lurves Michael Huynh’s newest Vietnamese, BarBao. Calls it “pho real”. Makes me giggle in the process and wonder how long Huynh will stay at this resto. As soon as I can make it up to the Upper West Side, I’m so ordering the “the daikon duck hash—it’s outrageously good”. Tres exciting.

– Steve Cuozzo and his somewhat embarrassing headlines at the NYP also visits BarBao and calls it “thrilling on every visit”. I see BarBao as a sure thing, no?

– Sietsema at the Voice checks out Obika Mozzerella Bar in wasteland that is Midtown Manhattan. The location, inside the IBM building sucks. My only memories of that atrium are from high school when it was a cafe and we used to grab coffee there after a run at Barney’s. I doubt I would ever trek there for mozzerella however the concept is interesting-ish.

– Adam Platt goes B&T and heads to Brooklyn for a taste of new BBQ joint, Char No. 4. He bestows 2 stars upon this den of upscale-ish comfort food. I am smitten by this sentence: “the chopped-pork sandwich is a thing of beauty (it’s bombed with the tangy, Dr Pepper–rich “Char No. 4 barbecue sauce”), especially if you enjoy it, as I did one evening, with a side of cauliflower gratin sprinkled with crushed almonds”. Take me to your leader.

– Is there anything Danyelle Freeman doesn’t like? She gives 4 stars to health conscious Midtown newcomer, Rouge Tomate. Meh.

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