Fish art
Fish art

I was at the opening of David Burke’s newest endeavor, Fishtail, last night. It was quite the fun party and the decor is to-die. The space occupies two floors of a townhouse with banquets and an oyster bar on the first floor and magnificent dining rooms on the second floor. The rooms are very grand (as it should be on the Upper East Side) with high ceilings and large windows. The cherry red color of the walls lends itself to an aura of sexiness and grandeur. The outrageous fish art (see above) and sculptural ceiling light fixtures helps the dining rooms attain a certain playfulness reminiscent of David’s food – elegant but with a touch of sass.

The “catch” at this newbie is that David and his Executive Chef, Eric Hara are aiming to make the restaurant’s all seafood menu fully sustainable. In this era of over-fishing and environmentally un-green fishing practices, this notion of a sustainable menu is incredibly important and diligent of both chefs. All menu items are either caught off the coast off New Jersey or from the Hunt’s Point Fish Market. You will not see any unfriendly Chilean Sea Bass here (thank the lord, it’s so passe). Ahem. Ok. Enough of my preaching.

The passed hors d’oeuvres consisted of a delicious and clean tempura calamari, a spicy and fresh rice crispy crab cake plus dozens of oysters and David’s signature cheesecake lollipops with bubble gum whipped cream. Everything was absolutely delicious (was it because the champagne was free flowing? maybe.) and coupled with the beauty of the restaurant, I deem this a perfect date spot. Hint. Hint.

Ahhh, the glories of life!

Fishtail by David Burke//135 East 62nd//212.754.1300

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