Pre-Turkey Reviews

Nice try birdie
Nice try birdie

(happy dance)

Tomorrow is my favorite day of the year next to my birthday and the day CDG was released at H&M.

Here are our top reviews for the week:

– Bruni titles his review of Double Crown “The Empire Strikes Back“. I love him for it. He notes Double Crown “ponders the glories of culinary cross-pollination, making a promise of “British-Indio-Asian” fusion that sounds more like a threat”. I laugh.

– Jay Cheshes of Time Out NY gives a pimpin 6 stars (a first for the mag) to Corton. Calls it “an extraordinary experience”.

– Sietsema is confused, betwixt and between about Braeburn. This sums it up nicely “So, here we have a farmstead-themed restaurant with locavore overtones. It’s a simple enough formula, and you’d expect big, aggressive plates of plainish food from farmers’-market sources. But that’s often not the case at Braeburn. The lessons of cooking school have been vigorously applied, complete with delicate servings, fussy platings, and incongruous ingredients that seem to fly out of nowhere. And why, given the farmstead theme, does the menu emphasize unsustainable ocean fish?”. Solid writing.

– In the $25 and Under column, NYT dining section editor Pete Wells reviews Williamsburg taqueria La Superior. Now, we all know that no state does Mexican food quite as well as Cali. Well babies, Mr. Wells claims that this joint reminded his Cali friend of Southern California…and we all know I heart SoCal. Must. Go. Now.

Reminder: calories don’t count on ThanksG. xxooo

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One thought on “Pre-Turkey Reviews”

  1. la superior is the shiz. adam and i eat there at least three times a week (i’m not kidding)… it’s practically in our building.

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