Wedz Revs

Am I nuts or is nothing fancy happening with these stodgy old men?


– Da Bruni two-stars West Village fave Market Table. Haven’t we all been raving about this place for 2 years now? C’mon. Git with the program.

– New York Mag’s Platty visits newly menu-ed Irving Mill and finds Ryan Skeen’s new menu to be…porky…and that’s a good thing. Obv. He also stops in at Inside St. Bart’s and finds it to be a sinking ship.

– Ryan Sutton suffers a mild heart attack from all the pork at Irving Mill. Ok, this sounds semi-exciting: another restaurant gets on the pork bandwagon, David Chang style.

– The RG waxes poetic (shocker) about David Bouley’s Secession. She loves it (shocker). I’m making ressies here (shocking).

– Something that will get me out of bed in the morning: anything resembling authentic Thai food (though I haven’t even come close to it anywhere outside, well, Thailand). Lucky me, Sietsema gives us the goods on MaiThai in Sunset Park.

– Another this I will get out of bed for in the morning is porchetta and Alan Richman gets me mildly excited about the porchetta at, well, Porchetta in the EV and Murrays Real Salami in Grand Central Market.

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