Hump Day Reviews: hmph. snooze.

Another Wednesday brings us another round of terribly snooze inducing reviews. Can someone inject some speed into the veins of these guys so we can get something interesting going on? I’ll pay you.


– Frank Bruni finds West Village hot spot Bobo predictable and assuming. Calls the gnocchi “arrestingly bland in taste”. Must use that line more frequently. [NYT]

– Sietsema heads over a bridge to Fort Greene’s new No. 7 and finds nothing spesh about Perry Street alum Tyler Kord’s small, well composed-but-lacking-in-execution menu. I have to agree. I’ve had a few things off the menu and found none to be memorable. Ah well. [VV]

– Alan Richman dines at the much hyped Double Crown and finds it…much hyped. [GQ]

– Ryan Sutton praises Drew Nieporent/Paul Liebrandt collabo: Corton. Makes note that if Thomas Keller, Danney Meyer, Wylie Dufresne and Tim Zagat…there must be a reason. To do: Corton.

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