Trading Up

You know how you always trade up in life? Better job. Better coffee. Nicer clothes. More money. Check it lovers. Schnack, my old favorite Brooklyn burger joint (which has been replaced by Five Guys, my new favorite Brooklyn burger joint) has been closed for a long time now but can we discuss what is opening up in their old space? YES. YES. YES. It’s Calexico! Of Vendy Award fame and Soho lunch fabulousity!

Calexico is a Mexican street cart owned and operated by the Vendly brothers who hail from that all important state of fine Mexican food, California. It’s “gourmet Mexican street food” at its best and the Carne Asada burrito or taco will not disappoint. When I worked in Soho, the lines were often wrapped around the block but we all believed it was well worth the wait dontcha think? Does anyone know if it’s open yet? I took this pic a month ago (I’m behind a bit, sue moi).

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