Dining and Imbibing with: Pet and Snoel, Part Une


“It’s been way too long”

“Where should we go?”

“I am in the mood for something…weird”

And so stared the evening of potential gastronomical debauchery between 3 members of the culinary community known as my life. Pet and Snoel have been my partners in numerous food crimes ranging from 2nd degree offal destruction to 4th degree attempted ravioli making. Then then there were those few hazy memories of cabs rides and underground lairs, but that’s another blog entry all together. Anywho. The 2-part evening began with aperitifs and apps at my favorite wine bar, Gottino

Located in the West Village on Greenwich Avenue, Gottino is the obvious go-to wine bar for excellent and reasonably priced wine and perfectly portioned and shareable small plates of charcuterie, cheese, olives, crostini and the like. Noel, being a wine guru, suggested the Primitivo which I must say was a most wonderful addition to my most loved wines list. Rustic and primitive with earthy and dried berry notes, primitivo is the pre-cursor to what became Syrah – it’s the ancient ancestor, if you will. Check.

Next, came the Pet-approved smattering of delicious prosciutto, salumi, olives, toasted peasant bread and a smoked trout spread. Although each dish is small, as it should be at wine bars, I always find that Gottino does an empirical job at portioning so that there is plenty to share between two or three comrades yet still gives you the inclination to want more while being satisfied which very much reminds me of Thomas Keller’s philosophy of palette fatigue.

After an hour of wine-ing and app-ing, we had agreed we all wanted something…weird to eat, at which point Noel leads us to the jewel of the David Chang empire, Ssam Bar… 

Yes, please. 

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