Bad bad blogger! I haven’t kept up my “Weekending” posts. I need to be spanked with a spatula. MEOW. Ok folksies. I can’t think of one single-y better thing than doing what I am doing this weekend – cooking for 30 of my closest besties! Well, to be fair, it will be a collabo food project between 2 chefs (moi and SK), 2 sous chefs (LT and Pet) and 2 hosts (KG and JC). What goes down? A seasonal feast of 8 dishes (3 appys, 1 salad, 1 pasta, 1 main, 2 desserts) and a ton of champagne (mon favorite). YES. I will have pics on Monday to share. Werd. (Wish you could be there AT, will do the next one for you). XO bitches!

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2 thoughts on “Weekending”

  1. So jeally, wishes I was there!! You will have to organize a feast for me for my next homecoming. (Whenever that is!)

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