The best…

…Chinese food I have ever had was on Monday night night at Philippe. Now, this is most definitely not your average First Wok joint; It is a fabulous, fun, scene-y and swank restaurant with incredible Chinese food. The menu is similar to what you would find at, say, Peking Duck House or Grand Sichuan but exponentially better (and pricier).

As it was my pre-birthday kickoff dinner, I started with a glass of frosty Veuve Cliquot accompanied by their famed chicken satay, peking duck rolls and pork soup dumplings. I must say the chicken satay had a very definite Cheeto color and taste. Which means, it was great, though it tasted more like Cheez Doodles than chicken. The peking duck roll was crispy and refreshing – not like those greasy balls of dough and meager rations of meat you get at those other joints. This was a roll with love and tenderness put into it. Not to mention a kick ass Peking Duck which I saw being carved and almost fainted. The soup dumplings were of course, incredible – the broth was thick and savory and the meat was salty and well spiced. The best part was the dumpling dough. It was thin and almost translucent which lent a light and pillow-like texture to the dumpling. Lurve.

After tearing through the apps like Lou Perlman at a BBQ, we ordered the Sweet and Sour Pork. HO-ly shat. I was never a huge fan of sweet and sour anything but this wasn’t sticky and sweet, it was a mild sauce that just covered tender balls of pork,making it a tart and savory combination. Similar to the dumplings, the pork had a light and airy quality which didn’t make you feel sick a la First Wok.

Next and last came the Payard desserts which I had to indulge in per the Birthday constitution. Of course and without fail, the triple chocolate mousse was divine. Although it may have been a wise idea to have a few refreshing and tart desserts on the menu (key lime pie anyone?) as Chinese food is on the heavier side, the mousse lent a nice and elegant finish to a rather spectacular and special meal. If Philippe was closer to home, i would be ordering in from here every night (and if I could afford to) good thing there is Philippe Express

Cheeto Chicken Satay

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