Fall 09 openings


Hello loves. As you may deduce, I am in Greece but couldn’t resist the tempation to bring you my Fall 09 picks as promised weeks ago…

Another change of seasons brings us closer to the dapper fashion of Fall, but new restaurants in which to premier our threads. As with fashion, not all new things are good or worthy of our attention, below are the newbies who count:

Who: Albert Trummer bring us, Apotheke

Tagline: “new apothecary themed cocktail bar”

Opened: September 5th (during fashion week, natch)

Locaysh: 9 Doyers St in Chinatown.

GastroGirls take: YAWN. It looks dark and sexy. Albert Trummer, who created cocktails for David Bouley at Danube, is part owner. They make homemade absinthe and they serve dumplings. The cocktail menu is broken down into old school “remedies” for: healthy and beauty, stress relievers, pain killers, stimulants, pharmaceuticals, euphoric enhancers, therapeutic treatments, house remedies, and of course, aphrodisiacs. Double YAWN. I’ll be across the bridge at Clover Club sipping on their punch. How many more cocktail bars are going to open? How many do I have to talk smack about then fall in love with?? HOW. MANY. ?. I will let you know more deets as I have an event there mid-Sept.

UPDATE: see what I wrote above? that was like way long ago and now I made friends with Albert and simply love the place! And he is divine. Just a charming, sweet man. I had an event there last week and was UBER tired so he made me several drinks which perked me up. This apothecary theme thing is no joke. 

Extras: Grub Street has some photos here. Eater has better photos here.


Who: From the mastermind of Zak Pelaccio comes, Fatty ‘Cue

Tagline: BBQ + Fatty Crab = Duh

Opening: November

Locaysh: 91 South 6th Street in Williamsburg

GastroGirls take: Finally, some details for this long-rumored partnership between Zak Pelaccio (Fatty Crab) and former Hill Country pitmaster Robbie Richter. The South Williamsburg location will not serve traditional sauce-meets-pork barbecue, but rather smoked meats paired with astringent and aromatic herbs like dried and fresh chiles, young ginger, and Vietnamese mint, finished with flaming sauces and lacquers. Says an excited Pelaccio, “If you are eating something fatty and you bite into a bitter leaf, it’s going to cut the fat, but what it also does is stimulate the appetite.” Two antique hickory smokers will be housed in an adjacent driveway, near heated outdoor seating. Pelaccio also plans for a “huge selection of bourbons, great cocktails, great music and lots of meat.” (from Metromix)


Who: Bouley

Tagline: He doesn’t need one

Opened: Late September

Locaysh: 161 Duane Street @ Hudson Street

GastroGirls take: LURVE. David Bouley can do no wrong and his new iconostaurant for his refined French fare is the grandest yet with a downtown “chateau” feel. The former Bouley, on the corner of Duane Street and West Broadway, will become a market, and Upstairs at Bouley Bakery will spill down into what is now the market and bakery, doubling its seating. (with info from The NYT)


Who: Brad Farmerie ventures on his own with,  Double Crown

Tagline: The team from Public and AvroKO bring you…

Opened: Now

Locaysh: 319 Bowery @ Bleecker

GastroGirls take: With cocktails that look to England, India and the Far East for inspiration and a menu that does the same, this trendy Raj-esque spot will surely be on my hit list for a “night out” with the Sultan…ummm. Right. 


Who: Joel Antunes breathes life into The Oak Room at The Plaza

Tagline: It’s The Plaza Hotel – don’t get mad…get eeeeverything. 

Opened: September

Locaysh: If you don’t know where The Plaza is, you shouldn’t be going to this restaurant

GastroGirls take: Two words: Joel Antunes. He had great success with his Atlanta restaurant, Joel, when he was tapped to make The Oak Room new again earlier this year. He is a classic chef and this is a classic New York institution. 1 + 1 = 2. 


Who: Uber sexy mega chef Todd English goes B&T with The Libertine at Gild Hall

Tagline: A Yelper put it best – “This place is good for friends who want something to look at and don’t really care what they are putting in there mouths”…it’s like Freshman year…

Opened: Mid September

Locaysh: 15 Gold Street @ Platt Street

GastroGirls take: Catering to the B&T finance crowd, my future ex husband, Todd English has opened a clubby restaurant and bar with rustic pub fare to feed future ex Wall Streeters. All hype. I’ll pass. 


Who: Master restaurateur Drew Nieporent and controversial (and sexy?) chef Paul Liebrandt give you, Corton

Tagline: in what was formerly Montrachet, we bring you…Corton

Opening: Today! 

Locaysh: 239 West Broadway @ White Street

GastroGirls take: Hi. I am kinda excited to see what nouveau French cuisine Paul Liebs beings to the table (mwahaha), especially since everyone’s been so mum about the menu. 


Who: LA based cooker, Govind Armstrong finally opens his signature resto, Table 8, in NYC

Tagline: If he can make it in LA and Miami, he can make it anywhere

Opening: December-ish

Locaysh: Cooper Square Hotel, 25 Cooper Square @ fifth street

GastroGirls take: After eating at Table 8 in Mi-ah-mi, I am super ready for it to open in my hometown. Govind has a way with his “market-driven” menu that isn’t cliche or boring (read: his signature salt roasted Porterhouse for two and meats cured in-house, yay!). I am also super curious as to who he will pick to run the kitchen as he is looking for “someone with a strong presence in the city” hmmmm, let the guessing games begin…


Who: For the ultimate, most highliest and holiest anticipated opening of the season we look to the team from The Spotted Pig as they open seafood resto John Dory

Tagline: Two words April Bloomfield (in case you didn’t know, Mario Batali handpicked her to run The Spotted Pig a few years back)

Opening: October

Locaysh: 85 Tenth Avenue

GastroGirls take: I am speechless. No words to express the anticipation. Must…Get…Ressies….

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4 thoughts on “Fall 09 openings”

  1. so, when I’m in the city pre-matrimonial celebration in Dec., where are you gonna take the hubby and I? I vote for the Bourbon & pork place!

  2. Magoo!! Anywhere you want it bebe! You tell me and I will make a resv for you + hubby + the gang (me). LOVE.

  3. You sound so pathetically wishy washy. Make up your mind. And don’t pretend you know anything about cocktail bars because you haven’t said anything half intelligent so far. Leave reviews to people who should have an opinion. Just go and have fun or don’t, but don’t tell everybody you are the authority on things you have no expertise on…

  4. Kiki, my blog is about things I like and my opinions on them. Some opinions change, some don’t. It wasn’t a REview. It was a PREview as noted in the title. I am sure there are other blogs out there which will cater to your needs.

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