I am currently vacationing in Greece ad eating my way through various parts of Athens and the mountains of the Peloponese peninsula when I took a brief respite from over-eating and making fun of American tourists to check out what is happening in the dining world via The New York Times. Interestingly enough, they have an article published this Sunday on Turkish Dumplings – which I just ate yesterday. These dumplings, called Manti are hearty, tart and induce a feeling of warmth. When done right, the pasta should have a similar consistency to gnocchi (nicely al dente) and the meat stuffed inside should not be too “meaty” but more reminiscent of the fragrant meats that populate Middle Eastern cuisine (achieved by adding cloves, cinnamon, cumin and coriander to the meat) and finally, the yogurt sauce should be nice and tangy to off set the heaviness of the dish. To-do: Make Manti.

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