The only 5 guys in my life…

There is an expression in French, “Après la pluie le beau temps” (after the rain, there is nice weather) which I have always believed to be true. Always. So, it comes as no surprise that after my disastrous encounter with Fatburger (detailed below), I stumbled upon what may be the best fast food burger in New York City…

I would be ok being that tomato. 

Straight outta D.C. and to your local Brooklyn hoodies of Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights, comes… Five Guys Burgers.

Five Guys operates much under the same philosophy as the love of my life In-N-Out Burger. Each burger is made to order with freshy fresh ingredients. Simple. Easy. Straight forward. No pretense. Burger comes out juicy, flavorful and tender. The fries are as good as fast food fries can be: “natural” cut with skin on and lightly salted; firm on the outside and tender on the inside plus an option to order Cajun fries – what! All this for the heavily debated price of about $9 (is it a lot for fast food? or is it worth each penny? methinks the latter). Five Guys has been compared to In-N-Out many times in many critiques and honestly I’m on the fence about with one is better. I’m down for a Tupac/Biggy, East Coast/West Coast burger show-down but I know one things fo sho – this is most def the hottest burger in Brooklyn or any of the five boroughs…oh no i didn’t!! Oh yes I did. XXXXOOOOOh. 

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