Kalispera bitches! I am sitting in my well appointed hotel room in Athens and I realized I didn’t write about a spektacular event that occurred early this month: I ate at Fatburger

Where were you GastroGirl, you ask? I was in drrty Atlantic City and figured if something good was going to come of it, it had to be my first taste of Fatburger. Lo and behold, it was the nail in the coffin. Not even Fatburger could make drrty AC eventful.

“The Last Great Hamburger Stand” is located on the ground floor of the Borgata Hotel and appears to be clean and minimal with all white exteriors and friendly staff. I was super excited to get my first taste of this premium fast food joint so I went right up and ordered the classic Fatburger with everything on it. As I waited with bated breath for this tender muffin of love, I grew increasingly excited…only to be sorely disappointed as the burger was not the tender or juicy love bun I expected. It was rather dry and un-fresh (strangely, I felt the same way when I woke up in AC that morning). There was nothing special about this Fatburger but I have to blame the location – how can anything truly be “good” in the basement of a hotel in AC? I mean seriously? I don’t want to get into the details of the burger as I firmly believe it wasnt a fair tasting nor the right place for a delicious burger. BUT what it does bring up is consistency…I imagine the true Fatburger is a juicy bun of love and nothing like what I tasted. So why then, is this popular and highly regarded burger chain letting a weak link pass through. Please, can someone from FatB reconcile this issue? OR open up FatB’s in, say, Brooklyn?

what could have been.

the bastard child. 

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