What’s new beeyotch?

I’ll tell ya what: I was so tired and spent from days and weeks and months of working like mad that I needed a serious shopping trip. I threw caution to the wind and barely glanced at price tags (until I reached the register, that is). Has anyone checked out the newly fabulous Gap? My girly A-Tang put me onto the kyoot-ness! I bought a bunch of super dope threads there then I proceeded to trot down the street and buy an adorable mini dress with a zipper running up the middle and thuper strangely-kyoot sweater with uber-big sleeves. YAY! So happy. I also got a haircut with a guy named Cobra. I know…I know…gross.

What else did I buy you ask? Well lovers, since I have a super VIP staying with me this weekend I went batty on the Farmers Market in Union Square.  I got oodles of Shishito Peppers and tons of Heirloom Tomatoes for a lunch treat. Yummy.

dont ever go away.

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