Fall Preview: fashun wk!

It’s O-FISH-UL. Fashion week is up in hurr starting tomorrow as in Friday, as in last day of the work week as in omfg i have been waiting since Monday for this.

The Cut has a fabulous list of all the parites you will never get into no matter how hard you try. It makes me weep. My picks: William Rast After Party (who doesn’t want to get the chance to smell Justin Timberlake and shamelessly walk by his table over and over again? gimmie gimmie beeyotch). Purple Magazine’s Party (just b/c it’s the hottest fashion mag out there and who knows, maybe one day I will appear in it.) Then, of course, there is the ULTimate soiree: The Chanel/Vogue Party collabo. Mon dieu!

The Cut also has a fabulous list of all the shows you will be missing. I’m sitting here depressed and needing a dirty martini to ease the pain. OR…these shoes!

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