Peppers, from the Desk of: Erini

I would like to introduce to you a rather new contributer and all around super cute and funny gal, Erini. Erini (which means “peace” in Greek) hails from NYC, lives in San Fran, has a huge crush on Nicolas Ghesquiere, owns a Mini Cooper and a fierce collection of Le Creuset cookware.

Pimientos de Padron

Per GastroGirl’s eager suggestion and my lack of obtaining Shishito peppers. I went to the San Fran green market and settled for the similar Pimientos de Padron which I deem a Spanish version of the Japanese Shishito. I sauteed for just one minute in a bit of evoo (ew did I just say that?) until white blisters appeared and finished with coarse sea salt. Some of these guys were VERY hot! must be eaten while warm and washed down with very cold beer. Though it would have been appropriate to wash it down with a Spanish beer such as San Miguel, Sapporo Reserve malt beverage did the trick 😉

Other pepps in this photo included 3 sweet peppers: ivory tasted mildly like red sweet pepps, and with a waxy skin; chocolate brown was VERY sweet – the most tasty, and purple had a tougher skin and was white on the inside…meh.

i’m going to make a sauce next time to accompany my pepps using a simple recipe a friend suggested: yogurt, minced garlic and cinnamon. That’s it.

The curly red one the farmer gave me – i forget what the name is, but she suggested using it in an eggs dish. She also had like 6 teeth. Hawt.


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