Wednesday Reviews

Sorry to be so late with this one babies but I must say…I am tres uninspired with this weeks reviews. I am totes sure it has to do with the late summer slump, people on vacay and our lovely reviewers being on The South Beach Diet. No, I joke. I am sure they are revving up for Fall oh-nine openings though…

Nevertheless, I dutifully bring you this weeks reviews:

– The Bruni writes a mini review on Sushi Yasuda, which we already know is the best sushi ever. No surprise here.

– The Bruni also wrote a mini review on Forge. Larry Forgione (the godfather of American cuisine) son’s new restaurant. The result is Meh for the offspring of a great chef. Tough to follow in daddy’s footsteps eh?

– Sietsema takes it way out to Sheepshead Bay, Crooklyn to dine at Yiasou (means “hello” in Greek) a place that “imitates those midtown places that style themselves “estiatorios,” flaunting seafood of unspeakable freshness and size, then charging an arm and a leg for it. But it’s much easier on the paycheck…”. For some reason, I’m not sold.

– The RG heads to my old stomping grounds the UES to review Parlor Steakhouse. Um. She really loves the desserts. Not sure about the steak, but she loves the desserts.

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