Like crack…

…and equally as addicting

I love me my iced coffee. I drink 2 cups of it a day. Once, first thing in the morning and then again at about 4pm in the afternoon. I love me some of that light coco, mocha colored bean juice. I love me a caffeine jolt as sharp as Proenza Schouler’s Fall 09 line . I love me some coffee ice cubs so that my iced coffee don’t get watered down.

GastroGirl’s top Iced Cawfee pix:

1. The Gray Dog (almost as perfect as when I make it myself. Strong, elegant, airy)

2. Le Pain Quotidien (I love it b/c it’s French, strong, rich and creamy)

3. Starbucks (It’s a cheap trick, bitter, almost too strong, good for a morning jolt)

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