Wednesday Reviews

it’s a good week.

– No shocker: Bruni 3 stars Jean-Georges’ Matsugen, says it “spans every facet of a meal”. I’m considering thinking of Matsugen as NYC’s best restaurant.

– Restaurant Girl goes to Brooklyn and pays a visit to my boyfriend James. She approves of him and throws him 3 stars and thinks “if we were all really lucky, we’d all live right around the corner from a place like James.” Well I do. Literally.

– Sietsema also approves of my boy toy James and wonders is he was “dining at some gold-plated Vongerichten, Boulud, or Bouley outpost?”.

– Also for the Voice, Sarah DiGregorio muses on cocktail bars serving snacks and tries out Pegu Club’s new menu as well as Clover Club’s offerings. Thank god Pegu revised the menu, the food was terrible. At least now I will re-consider going back.

– Ed Levine gives an A minus to under-the-radar West Villy Mexican joint, Papatzul. Let me put this out there now: I love this man. I love that he is the only “important” reviewer out there who goes into the trenches and always finds great food. Look at those food porn pics! We all know how I feel about Mexican food (lurve)…

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