Where fashion and food meet

I knew this would happen! I just read about these kyoot grocery tote bags on DailyCandy, I love me the gold one.

August 11, 2008
Stretch Armstrong
Whatsurbag Grocery Carryalls

it's in the bag!

To all the ladies in the place who wish they had the nerve to wear latex leggings.

To all the ladies in the place who did have the nerve and now have chafed thighs.

There is a wildly stretchy disco material called Its-las-tik that two pals in NY and NJ turned into flexible shopping bags — tiny carryalls strong and expandable enough to haul the heftiest of grocery loads and springy enough to be easy to carry.

In addition to copper, silver, and gold, bags come in less garish colors and patterns and are manufactured by Katrina survivors in New Orleans. (Five percent of sales benefit Hope House, which provides shelter, food, and clothing to some of the 12,000 displaced.)

Tuck one into your purse or pocket for impromptu shopping expeditions.

Feel free to stretch the imagination.

Available online at whatsurbag-usa.com.

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