Coffee collabo

The espresso collabo of the century

After what seems like years of trying to perfect my espresso and iced coffee making skills, I finally reached what is known to me as the purrfection: A Moka pot + Lavazza espresso. A moka pot makes the best cup of strong and hot espresso as the coffee is brewed via the pressure of boiling water rising through the filter and percolating at the top half of the moka pot. . Now combine this with Lavazza’s cafe espresso, which is the best mass market espresso coffee I’ve had (intense, aromatic, chocolaty and nutty – like a good Italian fling should be). 


This is a really funny article by William Grimes on his frustrating search for the best espresso in NYC.

A Yelper rates the best espresso in New York City. I like Gorilla Coffee in Park Slope, I also like to stare at the really good looking barrista but that’s just me. 


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One thought on “Coffee collabo”

  1. ok. here’s an easy one. we start off at my spot for some home brewed espresso. we walk down to 9th st espresso for some of NY’s finest. we hit the L train for that new spot on bedford. and i hear of another spot on 1st ave. can you handle 4 espressos in one evening? i know i can.


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