Raves & Rice: drummin’ and crap food

what could have been.

Thank you Nike and A-Tang for hooking me up with the invite to 88Boadrum. It was ridiculous to be on the Willy B waterfront drinking brews and listening to 88 beats! (read: if it was 1995, it would have turned into a rave and I’d be somewhere in the water philosophizing on the benefits of ecstasy and why “there’s a reason why they call is ecstasy”). What wasn’t ridiculous was the food in the VIP tent, catered by Rice. Styrofoam wrapped in a tortilla anyone? Doused with hot sauce? Sure, I’m in…after 5 beers that is. I’ve never had anything I would swoon over at Rice, as much as I want to love the healthy take out options it presents to me. I will go back one more time and try the vegetarian meatballs (a reco from A Tang) but after that I’m done. 

Next Up: All Points West weekend! It’s a music-licious weekend for this gal.

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