Who’s ready for Monday?

Not me…no…no…say it ain’t so!!!

Don’t worry ladies and gents, if there is one thing that should take you through the day it’s the thought of canoodling on the couch with your loved one(s) and sitting for another new episode of No Reservations.

Tonight, Tony B road trips it in the US Southwest (California, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas). Here’s a preview of the episode and here’s Tony’s blog entry.

One of my dreams is to take a 2 week road trip on PAC 1 highway with a bunch of close friends in a Winnebago. Fun right? Hopefully I can get some key pointers from tonight’s epi.

No Reservations airs tonight at 10pm on the Travel Channel.


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2 thoughts on “Who’s ready for Monday?”

  1. Watched the episode in South Carolina that was on before: AB in a Civil War uni: be still my heart. I would be his Scarlett O Hara anytime!

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