Keep movin’ folks, nuthin’ to see here.

Last night’s No Reservations in Uruguay was the best yet (do I keep saying this?). So good that Emi, my patriotic Argentinean friend and meat fiend texted me mid-way to proclaim the amazing-ness of the episode and how it’s “just like Argentina”. For any of you who have been to Argentina, you will understand that stating something is “just like” it are very strong words to choose. I have been to BA and am not sure I would even say any meat or food is just like it. In any case, I can’t write enough about how strong this season of No Reservations is.

Choice cuts:

-Anyone notice how cute Tony was when he saw the frightened little armadillo right before it was being sent off to become dinner? Gotta love a man with heart.

-Let us not forget the gratuitous shots of meat. Raw meat, cooked meat, meat on the grill, meat in a pan, meat as sausage…need I go on? Do I need to put Uruguay on my hit list of countries to travel to? Yes. Yes, I do.

Next week: Tony in the US Southwest (Bobby Flay territory, eek)

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