Article Wrap Down


As per usual, below is a list of the most interesting GastroGirlie relevant articles:

Frank Bruni takes a trip to Scotland and finds it is quite the culinary odyssey, even calling one restaurant “The French Laundry of Scotland”. [NYT]

How did Eric Ripert scientifically research the build of a perfect burger? By looking at the Big Mac and The Whopper of course. God, can this man do any wrong? [Gourmet]

Andrea Strong seeks a little afternoon delight (don’t we all?) and lists her top 20 most favorite brunch spots. The fact that Prune did not make her list is grounds for an honorable discharge. [NYP]

Still mourning famed Frenchie’s La Cote Basque and La Caravelle? Dry those tears ma petite chou. The French bistro is still alive and kicking in the West 50’s. [NYT]

A brave soul steps into the kitchen of Le Bernadin to experience perfection for one night. [NYT]

Wondering where to find the top 20 best cocktails in America? Just look here. Check out the pic of the Mint Julep place in Savannah…makes me want to put on my seersuckers. [GQ]

A portrait is a reminder of one family’s foodie past at James (go Prospect Heights!) [NYT]

Serious Eats hooks us up with a guide to…The Red Hook vendys! [SE]

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